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Fi Ch Arvis Iris Garden (Cz Imp)

2.9.2006-9.5.2014 (died in drowning)

My hearth is broken, RIP my dear friend <3



full scissor bite

(Ch Heshima ya kimba Energy of Red- Ch Iris v Lukovskeho Dvora)

Czech import born 2.9.2006

mentaltested by Finnish Ridgeback club/Barbro Börjesson (Swe)

Arvis in DogNet: info and pedigree



Arvis is an import from Czech. I bought him 2006 when the litterplans with Madame did not "work". I was to mate Madame with Arvis´ father Red, but decided to buy an offspring to him instead. Arvis was never mated with Madame, but I got a litter out of him due to an accident when he was 8months old. Today I am thankful the bitch did not get the abortion shot (thanks to our vets in our area that didn´t want to give it), and I have my Teddy. It took some time befor the litter was registrated (today´s kennelrules wouldn´t even accept it), because he had to be officially x-rayed at an age of not less than 18 months. I took an inofficial xray at 8months to be sure he was free from AD/HD. Thankfully my puppybuyers trusted me so much so I was able to get good homes for all the pups.

Arvis is x-rayed with A/B hips and 0/0 elbows. He has a full scissorbite. He has always been healthy and has no skinproblems or allergies. He has two litters outside our kennel, one in Finland (kennel Mbwasimba) and one in Sweden. The kennel Billinge Gård in Sweden has continued the lines, so he has grandchildren also in Sweden.

Arvis is very handsome and playfull, a small pup in a big body. Due to his temperament I have taken him out of breeding and he is castrated. He is very uncertain and not brave at all. I never wanted to re-use him in my breeding, and would he have been older, when he was used, I would probably not have given him to outside breeding either.  But he is very friendly and happy in all ways, a perfect familydog, and he HAS left also much good to his offspring, and he is never agressive towards people. He is showed very little because he has problems especially with men. He has got his championtitle and some BOB and also a Cacib and the time spent in the showring he enjoyed very much.

Arvis is very interesting in doing things, he would be a nice obedience dog, he has also got the "huntergene" and that I am not so happy for. It is difficult to have him offleash on walks because he runs far and stay away for long time...

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