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Suntuubi-palvelussa käytetään evästeitä. Palvelua käyttämällä hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lue lisää. OK

In memoriam are Mbwasimba Mahiri Retta (born 1996), my foundation bitch Retta and Fi Ch Mbwasimba Marudi Lingana (born 1998), my second rr, my other foundationbitch and my first livernose. Retta died due to illness (heart and liver failure), Linga due to an accident (dogtoy stuck in intestines, operated far to late).

Madame died shortly after her 10th birthday, she had something in her lungs, probably a tumor.

Arvis died in may 2014, run away on our usual walk and was found a few hundred meters from our path in the forrest, drowned in a neighbours swimmingpool. I knew from the map there was a pool, but not in my wildest dreams thought a dog would go there. The water was only about 4 degrees Celcius, so even a good swimmer would not have survived long. My heart is broken even today. He was my big love =(


Some day we'll meet again <3


In memories are also

A-litter: Zondor, Chili, Bruno, Ida

E-litter: Eden

F-litter: Lulu, Bea