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Fi Ch Ee Ch Ltv Ch Ee JCh Mahiri Retta's Saga By Simba

 Needs one more CACIB from abroad to C.I.B

born 17.6.2012

Saga 3 years^

full scissorbite



Hips A/A Elbows 0/0

SP 0, VA 0, LTV1

DM carrier

Saga will have a litter later 2015?


Pictured here 9 month old

Saga is our latest addition to the pack as Unna left to leave with her co-owner Heidi Karuaho in Uurainen (near Jyväskylä)

She is daughter to Simba and Teddy, a pup so close to what I want in a RR. She has grown into a very nice girl=)


She is a calm and friendly girl and likes all people alot. She comes also along nicely with dogs she have met.

Latvia, Riga 22.11.2014 BOB, BIS 5 LTV CAc-> LTV CH, photo Kaisa Kosonen

Saga BOB in Tallin 2014, Photo Anne Strömberg

Saga BOB Raisio 2014


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