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I have totally lost my heart for the orientals. I started with shorthairs, but have turned to breed longhairs and there will also be shorthairs inwolved now and then. I had a housecat called Katten, that was just like the orientals in her temperament. It was the start for me in this breed.  But she was an outsidecat, and sadly went missing. So my future cats are all cats that are kept inside and they are just fine with that.

I don't beed only for showing, but can sometimes visit a show for fun. I am not a fan of close inbreding, I want to keep the lines as open as possible. My dream is to have some classic tabbys in the future. But now I am happy with my cinnamons and my nice temperamented and lovable cats. My cats are fed with raw meat and quality catfood. Intact males are kept appart fom girls, but they take turns in groups, so the same cats are not all day closed up appart from the others.

If  you are interested in a kitten, don't hesitate to contact me. I don't sell for heavy breeding, and I also want my own cats to not have too many litters. I want them to be a familymember, social cats as they are.

Specials boys I have put on suprelorin, to possible have a litter on later age, if they stay healthy. In that way the future is more open for different possibilities.

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