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Mahiri Retta's B litter:

Fi, EE, EEJ, LTV CH Mahiri Retta's Saga By Simba

fall 2015 Mahiri Retta's B.... By Thomba

decided to use for Saga's first litter, as she is still young the Canadian Cataraqui Winter Solstice, but it is like a test then, and not sure if sucessfull. (AI) ...

And so it is, mating 17.8.2015 with a progesteron on 29! (Usually 15-20) But now with day 32 I am quite sure she is in whelp, miracles do happen =)


Saga is hips A/A

Elbows 0/0

Back: VA0 SP0 LTV1

full scissor

DM carrier

MT done link to dogbase


Faktaa pentueesta

Tiedot 8:n sukupolven mukaan:
    Sukutaulussa 119 sukulaista tiedossa 510:sta (23%)
    Sukutaulussa 109 eri yksilöä 119:sta (sukukatokerroin 0,92)
    Sukusiitosprosentti 0,00%

Tiedot 5:n sukupolven mukaan:
    Sukutaulussa 45 sukulaista tiedossa 62:sta (73%)
    Sukutaulussa 45 eri yksilöä 45:sta (sukukatokerroin 1,00)
    Sukusiitosprosentti 0,00%

Thomba homepage with link to health clearances

Saga koiranetissä, Saga in dognet

PEDIGREE FOR THE LITTER in 6 generations



I already have quite many waiting for a pup, but if you are interested feel free to make a contact!





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