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Mahiri Retta's litters (in dogbase)

Planned litter for Saga 2015-2016, with Mister X



Mahiri Retta's Anatoly By Djastin

looking for active home with showinterest. He is livernosed with a dark red colour. Pictured here at 6weeks old


Koira Net (Dog Net)

Next litter Mars 2015, Foxy is pregnant with a big litter! Delivery in May

We expect versatile dogs for many dogsports that are friendly and active. There is a high chance for livernosed puppies.

I will keep a male if there comes a suitable, and maybe place a female on breedingterms, in a home that is interested in showing and keeping the possible pups in their own home.

Both parents are healthy and has many DNA checks done. Foxy has a DNA profile in Genoscoper. Both have a full set of teeth.

 Both are tested DM negative

Foxy: HD A/A ED 0/0 SP 0

Djastin HD A/A ED 0/0 OCD 0 LTV free

More about Foxy on her own page

Inquiries to jeyjey820(at) or phone +358503071777

Djastin is a nice boy with super temperament and movement. I am so much looking forward a litter between theese dogs.

He caught my eye on finnish RR Specialty 2014, with his calm behaving and nice movings. I love his strong back and hindlegs and hindquarters, and he has a very nice ribcage. He is deep and rich in colour and has dark eyes and a wide and long ridge. He has good results in health screening, has no skinproblems and has a full scissorbite.

As the mating took place in Espoo I found him to be a very nicely behaving male also outside the showground, he did not take much notice to other dogs that we met outside on our walks. He was very happy all the time, very puppylike. He has a interesting pedigree with many fine dogs, his father has left a lot of nice rr (grandfather is from Finland) and that same is also for his lovely mom Olana. Ona's father(Heshima Ya Kimba Fuku Shabalalba) is a dog from the same kennel as my late Arvis' father. Djastin himself has made well in the showring around Europe and Russia. He has a previous litter in Russia.

More about Djastin's relatives HERE

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