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Fi&EE Ch Mahiri Retta´s Foxy "Foxy"

born 13.8.2010




full scissor bite

HD B/B, AD 0/0, spondylosis 0 (VT ok, seems to be LTV1 accoarding to the pics, no official results)

DM neg

EE Vet Ch Mahiri Retta´s Kiazikikuu "Madame" -Harjaselän N`Tanneri "niilo"(Liver)

Foxy pictured here in March 2013 about 2,5 years old. She is a livernose, and a dream come true for me. I knew before her birth that the first showquality livernose born in the kennel would be a keeper. Her name she got from having a white tailtip as newborn, and the name is matching her perfecly. She is a little wanderer, I have highten the fence all around the yard, and still she keeps runing in the forrest next to our property. Now I have managed to keep her inside the fence, but she has been making trips to the neighbour oroperty during our walks... She is also a guardian, I can tell right away when she is barking because all of my dogs sound different.

She is not the most well built rr in the world but that does not matter as she is healthy and has a temperament that I like. She has nice strong paws, the best so far, good bone, good deep ribcage, rich colour and short hair, and moves so well (moving is her best feature). She is temperament tested for Swedish Barbro Börjeson and got very nice result. She is scored hip B/B and elbows 0/0 and xrayed for the spine. She has full scissorbite and has got 2 championtitles from shows (not confirmed). She was BOB wih CAC in 2013. She got Cac in Estonia in August 2014, and also CACIB and Qualified for Crufts 2015, In Seinäjoki 25.10.2014 she got her last Finnish Cac. She has placed nicely, even before Saga in her latest shows 2014. She needs two CACIB from Finland to be C.I.B. (She got one in Latvia, Riga in october 2014)

Foxy will later have a litter, probably early 2015.

Picture here by Anne Strömberg, In Tallin 2014, BOB Patrick De Groot Wenner and Bos Foxy. Judge's name I don't remember now.

Photo Kaisa Kosonen, Cacib Riga 23.11.2014

Foxy Champion Foxy BOB and Cac in Porvoo 2013, photo Anne Strömberg Foxy mooving 2013

Foxy may 2012


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