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EST Veteran CH Mahiri Retta´s Kiazikikuu "Madame"


6.12.2003-19.12.2013 (mammaetumor metastaces in lungs)


Missing 1xP3 upper left

AA hips 00 elbows



1xCac 1xBOB 1xBIG3

Several BOB Veteran

Mother to E (Ch Tarujen penzi) and F (Harjaselän N`Tanneri) litters

Madame as youngster with my dear cat that went missing

Madame 9.9.2013 in Tallin, her last fall

Madame's pedigree

Duméla Ra Esprie Ch Sarula Forosi Mushana Shava x/x
Mynuoro of Sarula x/x
SUch Duméla Ma Chandra  UsCh Wyndrunhr's Inyangani Jasper UsCh Victor Magnum Kimbida/UsCh Wyndrunhr Lyka Lionyss
SeCh Parih's Ghana-Chalice SeCh Safari´s Mwene Mutapa/SeCh Kinghunter´s Daria-Lionlife
Mbwasimba Mahiri Retta FinCh Rapidan's Malabari Rif UsCh Globe Ca-Abi Reign On Teaser UsCh Turoka Globe´s Casino Renose/UsCh Globe Lia´s Kid Abilene
Ch Rapidan´s Kir Royale Ch Spring Valley´s Tyler by Reno CD/ch Rakiara´s Break Dancer
Mbwasimba Malkia Uzuri FinCh Malabari Chimba Elvesland´s Gandoph/Gorgeous Gussie
Fin Ch Globe's Malabari Chuma UsCh Royalton´s Blue Max/UsCh Globe´s Calia Toi Soldier

Madame is from the first litter in the kennel. She was the only correct bitch so she was a keeper right from the beginning. Her name she got from being the biggest and the fattest pup as a newborn.

Madame has a very good temperament, she never fights with any dog and is like a police in the dogfamily. She loves food and doesn´t ask if she wants something. She is also very indepenent, while living in Naantali she could go cleaning my friends grill on the way to the forrest, and then you did not see her for a while. Then she came back again as if she had not even been elsewhere. One time she also decided to go to the sauna(she loves sauna) and did not come home with the rest of the pack. My friend´s sumercottage was across a field where we lived and there was no traffic, so it wasn´t that dangerous...

madame is a clown, if she wants to, other time she is just a stubborn and quite lazy dog that loves warmth. She is now almost 9,5 years old, and when I look back she has always been quite healthy and a good companion aswell as a good mother.

When she was young we practised search and rescue, and she was very good on it. Then she got her first litter and after that we did nothing, wich is a pitty. She could have been good in agility also.

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